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Caribbean Philanthropic Alliance Strategic Advisor Paul Allwood

Dr. Paul Allwood recently joined the Caribbean Philanthropic Alliance as a volunteer strategic advisor. His achievements in this role are highlighted by the development and implementation of the Youth Tree Planting Ambassadors program. Between 2015 and 2018, Dr. Paul Allwood served the state of Minnesota as the assistant commissioner of health, sourcing a number of new revenue streams while eliminating costly redundancies and other unnecessary processes. He oversaw a budget of $350 million in this position, while indirectly supervising as many as 2,500 employees.

Dr. Allwood earned his doctor of public health from the University of Minnesota in 2004. Shortly after graduation, he spent several years at the university as an assistant professor of graduate and undergraduate students, with an emphasis on courses covering areas of environmental and occupational health.

Outside of his work with the Caribbean Philanthropic Alliance, Dr. Paul Allwood’s activities range from engaging with professional organizations such as the Minnesota Health Association to personal interests like playing chess and dominoes.


Paul Allwood
Shoreview, MN USA